Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug rehab center is compulsive usage of mood-altering Prescription Drugs, which haven’t been approved by a healthcare professional. Addicts who are addicted to the drugs prescribed by doctors abuse these medications.

When the drug is not being used, withdrawal symptoms and a constant craving to use it are symptoms. This person may use all legal and illegal means to get these drugs. Millions of Americans suffer from this addiction. This is no less serious than illegal drug or alcohol addiction. The addiction must be managed under the medical supervision of Rehab or medics.

In order to recover from Prescription Drug Abuse, you will need Treatment, Counseling, and Rehabilitation. Rehab centers that deal with drug, substance and alcohol abuse must be recommended to the patients. There, they can receive comprehensive counseling and treatment.

They are just as powerful as illicit drugs. Early prescriptions are for legitimate sleep disorders or pain, but they become addicting. Prescription Drugs fall into three categories. Opioids are used to treat pain, CNS depressants for anxiety disorders or insomnia and Stimulants for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

Narcotics, including Morphine and Codeine (a pain reliever commonly prescribed), are used to treat symptoms such as cough disorders and surgery-related pain. It attaches on opioid receptors. The pain message is then stopped from being sent to the brain. The drug is addictive after the prescribed dose and can result in both legal and illegal actions to obtain it.

They are also used for anxiety and sleeping disorders. It is used to decrease brain activity. Barbiturates are used to slow down brain activity (Mebaral), as well as Benzodiazepines such as Valium or Pro Som. When these drugs are used continuously, they can result in physical dependence as well as withdrawal symptoms. As CNS drugs work to slow down brain activity and cause withdrawal symptoms, discontinuing them can lead to a rapidly racing brain or seizures. Combining these drugs and alcohol can result in death.

Stimulants improve brain function. Ritalin (or Dexedrine) increases the level of brain chemicals that stimulate, like dopamine. A short-term misuse can cause paranoia. High body temperatures or irregular heart beats can be caused by it. This can result in a seizure or cardiovascular failure that is fatal.