The Ultimate AI Tool Directory. Comprehensive guide to AI Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is emerging as a powerful tool for businesses and consumers, has the potential to transform our lives and workplaces. This range of tools, from artificial intelligence to machin learning will help you automate your tasks, improve decision-making, and gain insight. In this article we will look at the absolute AI tool directory. A comprehensive guide of the most popular AI tools. Read more now on

Natural Language Processors

NLP (natural language processing) is a set of tools that help computers interpret and understand the language spoken by humans. Here are some popular Natural Language Processing tools.

Google Cloud Natural Language Api: This application uses machine-learning to extract information such as sentiments and entities.

Amazon Comprehend, a -based NLP tool, can extract phrases and entities from text.

IBM Watson Natural language understanding: This program can identify entities, sentiments and relationships in text.

Machine Learning Tools

Machine learning (ML), also known as machine classification, is the use of algorithms for analyzing data. Here are some popular tools for machine learning.

Google Cloud AutoML lets users create their own machine models even if they have no previous experience with machine learning.

Microsoft Azure machine learning is a cloud service that provides a variety of tools for developing, deploying, managing and maintaining machine learning algorithms.

The TensorFlow platform: It is widely used in the development and training of machine learning algorithms.

Analytics Tools

Data analytics software is designed to assist businesses in making sense of massive amounts of data. Here are some popular data analytics tools.

Tableau: A data-visualization tool that lets you create dashboards and interactive reports with data from diverse data sources.

Google Analytics: The web analysis provides data on site traffic, users’ behavior and demographics.

IBM Cognos Analytics allows users of this business Intelligence tool to create reports, dashboards, and data sets from multiple data sources.