Common Carpet Cleaning Service Techniques

If you are looking for carpet cleaning sydney, it is important to carefully evaluate the various options and decide which one is best for you. Deep cleaning is an option to keep your floors clean and looking great.

These are the most common carpet cleaning techniques:

Hot water

This is sometimes also called steam cleaning. The machine sprays hot detergent on the surface and then vacuums it off immediately. A professional company will be careful about the amount of water that is applied. Too much water could cause damage to the padding beneath. This could lead to mold and mildew problems. Too much detergent applied or not sufficiently removed can cause it to attract dirt and other contaminants more easily.

This method will take longer to dry than others. It is possible to speed up the drying process for homeowners by opening windows, using fans, and turning on the air conditioning in the rooms.

Dry or Foam Extraction

The dry extraction process uses a powdered soap. It is mixed into the material by using special machines to agitate it. Vacuuming can remove dirt and dust from the fabric. Special sprays are often used to pre-treat stain before applying dry chemicals. It is crucial to remove all powder from clothes and shoes. This is an easy way to get rid of powder quickly since it doesn’t need drying.

Foam extraction is very similar to hot water. An air compressor creates dry foam which can then be applied to the fabric. A cylindrical, rotating brush brushes the foam through the fibers. The foam should be vacuumed while still moist to remove any dirt or dust that has bonded to it. You should vacuum the surface thoroughly before and after applying this technique to make sure that the dirt is removed as best possible. This is another method which may take longer for drying.

Rotary Shampoo

This is how a cleaning solution can be pushed into fibers by rotating brushes on a machine. The solution turns into a dirt-filled foam, which is then removed using wet cleaning. Carpet manufacturers discourage this method due to the damage that brushes can do to the fibers. It is another wet method so the drying time could be substantial. If the surface gets too wet, or it takes too long to dry out, it can cause shrinkage as well as odor.

Absorbent Pad

The absorbent pads method involves spraying a solution on the surface. Allow the chemicals time to penetrate the fibers of the surface and move dirt up to it. A large, absorbent spinning pad removes the chemicals. It is very similar to commercial floor buffers. This method is only for professionals. It can cause carpet to become spongy if done wrongly.

A carpet cleaning service might offer several different methods. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. All these techniques can be used if done correctly. You can speak with several companies about which methods they use and which method suits your needs best.
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